Clothing, Sporting goods, Books & More!

Assistance League of Pueblo owns and operates The Bargain Box Thrift Store on E. 4th Street. This is our main source of revenue that allows us to fund our philanthropies. Community members donate their unwanted, gently used clothing, housewares, sporting goods, books, etc. Our volunteers screen the items and we sell those items that are sale-worthy. Items that don't meet our standards for sale are given to other charities which either recycle them or distribute them to the needy.

The Bargain Box is staffed entirely by volunteers. We work in the receiving room and on the sales floor.

Because our store is small and we want to offer the most timely inventory, we go through what we call "changeover" in the spring and again in the fall. In the spring, all the winter clothes will be removed from the sales floor, the sales area will be thoroughly cleaned, and the spring/summer clothes will be displayed for sale. The reverse changeover process occurs in the fall.

"Red Basket Days" fill the weeks just prior to changeover. During Red Basket Days, any clothing and other selected items that can fit into one of our red baskets will be sold for a set price. Add your email address to our V.I.P. customer list and you'll be notified of this spectacular sale!

Though it has not been in the 4th Street location for the entire time, the Bargain Box has been the backbone of our fundraising for over 50 years.

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